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The Secret To Staying Active

physical fitness exerciseMy Secret to Staying Active

Variety. Why is variety important to fitness routines? I believe that it is important to do a variety of activities for physiological and mental reasons.

I have had many patients who are a superstar at one particular activity but they are getting injured too easily. In physiology, there is a term called the SAID principle. This stands for Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands. This means that the body will adapt to the specific demands that are placed on it. If you train to run long distances at a slow pace, your body will adapt to that. If you train to lift heavy weights at the gym, your body will adapt to that training. I believe that your body needs different exercises so that it doesn’t adapt to the same stresses placed on your body all the time. Multiplanar movements will stimulate all muscles evenly and will reduce risk of injury.

Variety is important for mental reasons. I can’t stand doing the same thing every day or even every week! I get too BORED!!! Running outside, exercises DVDs at home, running on the treadmill, lifting at the gym, walking with my dogs, all kinds of sports, dancing, Pilates, yoga, Kettlebell workouts – you name it!!! (except for baseball- I can’t stand baseball. Sorry baseball lovers) All these different activities keeps me excited and challenged!

So, variety. That’s my secret!
~Dr. Eng