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COVID-19 Update: In order to keep our patients safe we have established new guidelines and requests for patient care:
1. If you have traveled outside of the country, please do not request or attend an appointment until you have surpassed the minimum 14 days of quarantine. The same applies if you have traveled to a domestic ‘hot zone’ NY, CA, LA, etc.

2. If you are feeling unwell (whether you think its allergies or not), please reschedule your appointment. No cancellation fees will apply during this precautionary timeframe.

3. If you are over 60 years of age or have any underlying health conditions, please reconsider attending your appointments at this time. You have an increased health risk associated with this virus and we would like to minimize that risk, if at all possible.

4. Upon entry and exiting our clinic, please sanitize your hands with the sanitizer located near the check-in kiosk.

5. Please be cognizant of our social distancing measures. Our waiting room allows 6ft of distancing as does our treatment area. Our providers will adhere to maintaining 6ft of distance whenever possible during your treatment.

6. We will be keeping windows and doors propped open as weather permits to allow constant air flow and to prevent our patients from repetitively touching door handles etc. Please dress appropriately as the clinic may be cooler than usual.

7. Our providers may wear masks and will be wearing gloves when performing any manual therapy on our patients.

As we open again after 2 weeks of closure, the safety of our patients and staff is our number one priority. We have made changes to cleaning of the clinic space and equipment as well as to our scheduling policies during this time. Thank you for your patience over the last 2 weeks while we were closed.


  • Chiropractic Care

    Comprehensive chiropractic care to relieve pain, improve movement, and get you back to your activities quickly.

  • Physical Therapy

    We provide comprehensive rehabilitation to help our patients achieve their goals and become a stronger version of themselves.

  • Massage Therapy

    Focused massage therapy targeting soft tissue restrictions to provide recovery from injury or illness.

  • Performance Training

    Using science to improve strength, endurance, agility, and functional capacity to help athletes become top performers.

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