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I Never Lose

losing“I never lose. I either win or I learn.” This quote was a Facebook post from the folks at Spartan (an obstacle race course and fitness group), and it has been widely reposted, likely because others seem to be as struck by it as I am. Those words are probably as close as anything I have seen to a real credo by which to live: embrace setbacks as opportunities to learn, instead of rejecting them as personal failures. Setbacks happen to everyone on the roads to our successes. It is okay to make mistakes and it is okay to miss the mark and to fall down and to be hurt. Japanese proverb expresses a similar sentiment: “Fall down seven times. Get up eight.” We heard this a lot in Aikido and Judo practice. Accept that you will make mistakes, you will fall, you will fail before you can succeed. You will only learn if you are willing to also fail. “I either win or I learn” takes that important acceptance one step further: you can turn that fall or that fail into something valuable if you are open to learning from it. It is a great thing to persevere and never give up, but that single-mindedness can leave you banging your head against the same wall over and over again. Don’t do that, it hurts  It is an even better thing to learn from both successes and failures. That has been true for me in all manner of endeavors. It was true when I was trying to lose weight, it was true when I was training for a black belt exam, it was true when training for a Spartan race, it was true in graduate school, and it has been true in my professional life as well. chiropractic care
So, don’t keep repeating what’s not working for you: learn why it’s not working, and change it. Don’t kick yourself because your diet isn’t showing results; think about where and how it’s not working for you. Don’t scold a child who did not meet your expectations; ask yourself how you failed to communicate and in doing so, teach the child it is ok to fail while you also learn to express yourself more effectively. Don’t hurt your back the same way twice!
Don’t give up because you have tried and failed. Think. Do things differently. Fail differently. Win or Learn…words to live by.