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I’m no blogger. At least that’s how I’ve thought of myself. But it is 2014, and we live in a world that is immersed in web browsing and blogging. These web logs have morphed into an enormously powerful form of communication and source of information, so I have decided to get with the times. As I’ve gotten older and a little bit wiser (hopefully), I have learnt that I have this new-found passion and desire to share with people the things that encourage me, things that motivate me, and in some cases things that truly move me, to a bigger audience. This is why I have decided to blog.

My name is Sarah-Ann Eng and I am a chiropractor who is new to Charlottesville. Now if you know me well, you will know that I’m a woman of few words. I’ve always been more of a listener. This is why you will notice that I love to take pictures of practically everything, so you will see a lot of the sights that I see. You will also notice that I love food. And I mean LOVE food. Being outdoors with my dogs, getting fit at the gym, travelling, fashion, chiropractic; these are some of the many topics in which I will write and post pictures about. I hope to inspire and motivate

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