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We know golf is a sport for everyone of all age groups and skill levels. At Balanced, we would like to maximize every player’s game by maximizing the efficiency of their golf swing. We are here to help free your body to move appropriately with your swing to maximize your movement efficiency on and off the course. 


Our TPI certified providers have gone through courses developed by the Titleist Performance Institute


  • Golf specific education on biomechanics of the golf swing
  • Identification of swing characteristics that may be due to inefficient movement mechanics or strength
  • In-depth analysis of common injuries and what swing characteristics may be lead to them

TPI Physical Golf Screen

This is for our players who are not currently injured but would like to maximize their swing efficiency

  • 16 movements focusing on different joints and movement patterns from head to foot
  • Slow motion video analysis of your swing to determine swing characteristics.

After the Screen…

  • Review swing faults and screen results with the client
  • Determine a plan for improving movement efficiency within the swing
  • Develop a comprehensive individualized program to target movement, strength, and/or stability deficits

If you’re looking to maximize performance and do not have an injury, speaking with our TPI physical therapist near Charlottesville VA  is where you will start. 

For Your Golf Injuries… Search Golf Physical Therapy Near Me

There are a significant number of golfers that tend to bring injuries to the course:

  • back pain from golf swing
  • golfer’s elbow
  • golf knee pain
  • lower back pain golf swing
  • golf wrist pain
  • upper back pain from golf swing
  • golf shoulder pain
  • mid back pain from golf swing
  • hip pain from golf
  • pulled back muscle from golf swing

It is our goal to help with this to get all of our players feeling at their best both on and off the course…

  • Utilize the Selective Functional Movement Assessment and clinical exams to determine the source AND cause of pain
  • Get to the root cause of the problem the first time to give our players an accurate movement based diagnosis


Your Charlottesville VA TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor







           Sam Spillman, DC                                                                                                                                                           Bryan Esherick PT, DPT, CSCS

             Level 3 Certified                                                                                                                                                                           Level 2 Certified

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