Our Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy

We will serve the greater Charlottesville community by delivering the best in evidence-based care with integrated chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy to help each patient reach optimal health and well-being.


Through clinical excellence and with compassion, help every patient become their best selves.


Patient Care
We will do everything better than everyone else. Every aspect of the patient experience should be outstanding from the first point of contact to the exit exam, because everything that staff and clinicians do reflects our commitment to serve our patients. This means excellent treatment, but also excellent front desk work, everything from the first patient phone call to their release from care. Patients should be surprised by how good Balanced is. Patients expect good care and short wait times. We want to go beyond that.

We must maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, and admiration for ourselves and our patients.

Continuous Improvement
Doing our best demands that we seek out the best information and tools available. Our best is not a destination but an ongoing journey. We will strive to improve our own skills and for our office to exceed our patients’ expectations. We will pursue excellence every day in our personal and professional lives. We are committed to leading our patients by example. Our team members value their own health as well as the health of our patients; we set an example for our patients by eating well, exercising wisely, and making healthy choices.

Communication and Collaboration
We want to foster creativity and reward initiative because we all have valuable insights and ideas to share; we want to communicate and collaborate. We will keep open dialogues with our patients but also with the team, both in and out of the office. Every patient will have the benefit of our combined experience and knowledge. This also means teaching – both one another and our patients. We are a resource in the community.

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