Low Back Pain

Back Pain 

Back pain is very common and growing more and more common. 8/10 adults will experience this during their lifetime.  It is now the second highest cause for disability in the world and the second highest medical expense.  Back pain includes upper, middle and lower pain, low back pain with sciatica as well as nerve and muscular problems. Causes can be sprains/strains, degenerative diseases like arthritis, pinched nerves, herniated discs, and overuse injuries.   

Most back pain (LBP) is self-limiting, which means that it will resolve on its own after a few days. If you find yourself with some lingering pain, then seeing a healthcare provider used to treating it would be a good idea.  

Your provider will take a history and do a physical exam. In most cases, imaging studies are not necessary or helpful when diagnosing and treating LBP.

While LBP  has many causes, there are a lot of excellent solutions. Chiropractic manipulation and therapeutic exercises performed with your chiropractor or physical therapist get excellent results. Spinal manipulation helps improve range of motion and relieve pain. Therapeutic exercises help improve range of motion, muscle motor control and improve strength and stability to help reduce the risk of future injury.

Occasionally other modalities like manual therapy, massage, ultrasound, and electric muscle stimulation can be helpful.  It may be useful to discuss your ergonomics, and daily tasks to help your provider create the best program for you.

The current guidelines as published by the American College of Physicians recommends chiropractic care and physical therapy as first-line interventions.  If pain persists beyond 6 weeks of care, then it may be appropriate to prescribe anti-inflammatory or some other type of medication.  

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