Sports Injuries

What is a Sports Injury?

Exercising is good for you, but sometimes you can injure yourself when you play sports or exercise. Accidents, poor training practices, or improper gear can cause injuries, however many injuries are caused by body imbalances or overworking muscles. Some people get hurt because they are not in shape. Not warming up or stretching enough can also lead to injuries. The most common sports injuries are:

• Rotator Cuff Injuries

• Neck and Back Pain

• Joint Sprains

• Muscle Strains

• Tennis Elbow

• Knee Injuries

• Foot and Ankle Problems

Symptoms: Acute injuries usually occur suddenly and may result in sudden and severe pain, the inability to bear weight on a limb, or inability to move the affected part of the body. Chronic injuries usually result from overuse of one area of the body over a period of time. Symptoms of chronic injuries include soreness, dull aching pain, and pain during participation in physical activity.

How We Can Help

Getting you back to normal as soon as possible is our number one goal. To do that, we will likely recommend one or more of the following: Joint manipulation to gently restore movement. Therapy modalities to ease your muscle tightness, pain and swelling. Myofascial release (like Graston and Active Release Technique) to remove your long-standing tightness. Therapeutic stretching to restore your flexibility. Our office treats sports injuries from many causes. If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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