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Exercise Can Be Fun

Everyone knows we should exercise, and reminders are everywhere.


Exercise can be fun!

But when a lot of people think of exercise they think of unpleasant things: endless time in the gym on the treadmill, stationary bike or walking around a track. However, exercise comes in many forms:  snowboarding, rock climbing, martial arts, dancing, gymnastics… I like to do a variety of things to keep fit and one of my mantras is that whatever I’m doing, it has to be fun. Charlottesville is a great area with lots of options to keep fit and most of them are well outside the gym. I got a great workout on the slopes this past weekend with my cousins snowboarding. I used my core and worked my legs to stay up right…and to protect myself when I fell 🙂

Another note about exercise, is that it can feed the soul as well as the body. I reconnected with cousins I hadn’t seen in the last year and I got out of the house; out into nature. What could be better than reconnecting with friends and family and getting some exercise while you’re at it?