Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a profession that diagnoses and treats people of all ages, across a wide variety of conditions. Treatment is aimed to restore function to help patients get back to the activities they love. Physical therapy treatment plans are designed to improve movement, balance, reduce pain, restore functionality, and prevent long-term disability. Our therapists focus on vestibular rehabilitation, sports physical therapy and injury recovery. 

At Balanced, we focus on treating the whole patient, looking at other areas of wellness that may be adding to the painful experience. We understand that each patient will have their own unique needs for treatment, and tailor treatment to meet those needs. Our team has has experience working with clients who are post-operative, as well as weekend warriors and higher level professional and collegiate athletes who have orthopedic injuries. We also work with industrial athletes of all types. Physical therapy in Charlottesville is plentiful, but we strive to offer the best care around! Our sports physical therapist Kate specializes in athletic rehabilitation. Bryan is our resident balance and vestibular rehabilitation specialist. 

What Sets Balanced Apart?

Hoping to provide the best physical therapy in Charlottesville, we have built our practice around our values: patient care, integrity, continuous improvement, and communication and collaboration.

 Patient Care:

  • All care is carried out by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • See the same physical therapist for every appointment
  • Availability to accommodate 1-on-1 sessions
  • 2-to-1, patient to therapist ratio maximum
  • 1 hour evaluation time slots to get the diagnosis right


  • Your needs will always come before the needs of the practice
  • Private treatment rooms to ensure a comfortable environment

Continuous Improvement

  • All therapists attend continuing education courses throughout the year
  • All therapists maintain active memberships with the American Physical Therapy Association
  • Monthly journal clubs to keep clinicians up to date on new research

Communication and Collaboration

  • Maintain an open dialogue with you and your referring physician
  • Available via email and phone to answer questions/concerns that patients or physicians may have about your care


What to Expect During Your Visits

Unfortunately, many people believe that physical therapy can be boring and feel like a chore. At Balanced, we are here to change that stigma. So bring a change of clothes, roll up your sleeves, and come ready to work! Give us a call to book your appointment now!

See how we progress our patients:

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