Dry Needling Charlottesville VA

What Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is a treatment that may effectively address tissue that has become dysfunctional. These tissues usually present with what is commonly know as a trigger point. Needling has recently become a hotbed for research, as there may be a benefit in treating painful conditions.  There are varying theories on how dry needling works, but it is thought to affect the pH and inflammatory markers within the tissue. It may also facilitate muscular activation or inhibition, depending on the type of technique applied.


Signs of tissue dysfunction include trigger points, tenderness, tightness, weakness, and poor movement quality. A physical therapist will determine if dry needling may work well for your condition. It is important to remember needling is only a component of the overall treatment, and other treatment techniques are generally necessary to rehabilitate the injured area. Singular treatment approaches often only offer temporary relief or fail altogether. In our Charlottesville office, we provide a comprehensive approach to physical therapy and rehab services.


The Dry Needling Treatment Process

  1. Needling takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes to complete.
  2. The technique involves insertion of a very fine needle into muscular tissue.
  3. Electrical stimulation may be used during the treatment to promote more recruitment of muscle or fatigue it to relaxation.

Most patients do not feel the needle when it is being inserted into the tissue. Often, a twitch that feels like a deep cramp may occur in the tissue. Following needling, it is recommended that the patient move the tissue to reduce soreness and promote muscle activation.


Dry Needling Costs in Charlottesville VA

Dry needling is still considered an experimental treatment due to lack of sufficient research. Accordingly, insurance companies will generally not cover the treatment. All needling patients will be required to undergo a physical therapy evaluation prior to treatment.

Dry needling as part of an overall physical therapy treatment plan: $30

Standalone treatment: $75


Dry Needling services require additional certifications by physical therapists to be performed in Virginia. Our Charlottesville VA dry needling therapist has been trained by Kinetacore to safely and effectively provide services.

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