Sports Rehabilitation

At Balanced, our goal is the same as yours: to get you back to your team as quickly and safely as possible.¬† Rehab following a sports injury shouldn’t stop with simply regaining range of motion and strength; your physical therapist should be addressing your power output, endurance, agility, and reaction time, and overall workload to ensure that you return to the game fitter and more powerful than you were prior to your injury.


We have particular expertise working with the following athletes:

Track and Field

Cross Country/Distance Running





Field Hockey




Martial Arts (Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, etc)

Rock Cimbing

As well as treating the following sports-related injuries

Runner’s knee

ACL sprains/ruptures

MPFL ruptures

Multiligament Knee injuries

Shin Splints

Stress Fractures

Hip labral pathology

Adductor strains

Hamstring strains


Low Back Pain

UCL Injuries/Tommy John Surgery

Shoulder dislocations

Shoulder labral pathology

Little League Shoulder

Rotator Cuff tears

Neck pain


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