Performance Training

Athletic Performance Training and Development at Any Level 

Our performance training will help you be your best. As movement professionals, our goal is to help you reach YOUR goal, whether that be diving back into your sport following your injury or achieving a personal best performance. We build better athletes through movement training, strength and conditioning, and programming recommendations.


You can benefit from performance training if….

You’re in the late stages of rehabbing a sports injury.

You’re ready to start progressing back into your sport following an injury, illness, or an off-season.

You’ve had a history of injury and you want to stay healthy through your sport season.

You want to take your performance to the next level.

You’re hoping to maintain your health for years to come.


Regardless of whether you just want to qualify for Boston, be recruited to a D1 university, or keep up with your kids, performance training IS for you.  


The Details: 

Initial session (60min) to establish goals and perform a biomechanical analysis

60min one-on-one training sessions designed to develop your athletic capacity in ways that are specific to your goals

Option for a two-on-one training session with a teammate or training partner

Injury Prevention and Movement Optimization Screenings

Strength and conditioning specific to your sport

Train with doctorate-level movement professionals


Our Specialties

Running gait analysis

Endurance Sports (running, cycling, triathlon)




Rock Climbing




Performance Training Pricing and Packages: 

60min Initial Assessment: $150.00

60min 1-on-1 Training Sessions: $120.00


*$20 off initial assessment with any package purchase

2x/week for 4 weeks (8 sessions): $860.00 (10% discount)

1x/week for 4 weeks (4 sessions):  $450.00 (5% discount)

Yearly: 1x/month (12 sessions): $1290.00 (10% discount)

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