Insurance Benefits

As a courtesy, our office will very your insurance benefits following your first appointment. This allows us to provide an estimated cost that you can expect for each visit. Although this is a courtesy, it is recommended that the policy holder call their insurance company to verify benefits to ensure there are no discrepancies. Some insurance companies respond better to having the policy holder call to verify benefits instead of Balanced.

We offer flexible and affordable payment plans with no interest to help make care more manageable. We never want finances to be a barrier to getting the care that you need.

In-Network Participation

We participate with the following insurance companies and are considered to be an in-network provider:

Chiropractic and Physical Therapy: Aetna (commercial and student health), Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Optima commercial plans, medicare, medicaid FAMIS (children only)

Chiropractic only: United healthcare, Tri-West,

Physical Therapy Only: TriCare

We are always looking at different insurance companies to participate with. We are currently in the process of becoming an in-network provider with Anthem Healthkeepers, but we are considered out of network at this time.

If we are “out” of your insurance network, we would be happy to file on your behalf.  You can also sign up for our discounted insurance program through ChiroHealth USA below. We strongly recommend you call your insurance company to ask what your chiropractic and physical therapy benefits are.

Personal Injury

We do see personal injury, but we do not see worker compensation cases.

Cash Based and Other Payment Options

If you do not have insurance or are out of network, we offer a discounted rate through ChiroHealth USA. This discount is for all services at the clinic and includes both chiropractic and physical therapy.


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