For Referring Physicians/Providers

Why refer patients to Balance Chiropractic & Physical Therapy?

We can often see acute patients same day and always within 24 hours of referral. We provide a written exam note and treatment plan to the referring provider within 24 hours of the patient’s first visit. Our patient satisfaction is very high, and our clinical outcomes are excellent.

We are the only practice in the area that offers both chiropractic care and physical therapy – a one-stop shop for injury prevention and recovery. Many patients with neck and back pain can benefit from both manipulation and therapeutic exercises. While our chiropractors frequently incorporate therapeutic exercise as part of treatment, sometimes patients need longer one on one time with exercises, which a physical therapist can provide. Having both types of providers on site allows them to work together for the most effective results. This can also be financially helpful for patients whose insurance provides limited chiropractic coverage but will cover additional services if offered by a physical therapist.

We follow the best evidence-based practices available. Most treatment plans consist of a combination of manipulation, manual therapies, and therapeutic exercise. These three modalities have the highest quality evidence behind them and the multimodal approach we use takes that into account. We also emphasize work and home ergonomics, nutrition and sleep with our patients. As a result, our visit average and cost per case is significantly lower than the national average.

Collaborative Care

We strongly believe in collaborative care. Our chiropractors and physical therapists would be happy to discuss a patient’s care with the referring physician at any time.

All of our providers are fully trained chiropractors and physical therapists. There are no assistants, interns or “rehab specialists” providing services.

We are the only practice in the area that offers functional movement assessment and correction and the only practice with providers certified in Active Release Technique and the Graston Technique. Both techniques are perfect for soft tissue injuries and post-surgical scar tissue.

We want to do everything better than everyone else, and our patients experience that difference in the way we provide evidence-based, integrated chiropractic and physical therapy every day. For referring physicians this means a detailed treatment plan within 24 hours of the patient’s first visit and a monthly progress or discharge note as appropriate.

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