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Five Tips for Easy and Healthy School Lunch

Healthy School Lunch

Don’t sacrifice healthy for easy. Try these quick lunch tips to help you save time during hectic schedules while packing all the nutrition your kids need.  Good nutrition is important for growing minds and growing bodies.  A good lunch can be a part of better athletic AND academic performance for your children.  Cafeteria school lunches tend to be focused around limiting costs for the school and not necessarily the healthiest options for kids.  But making lunch can be a time consuming part of the day, on top of being just one. more. thing.

Try these quick lunch tips to help you AND the kids!

  1. Buy fresh produce. Sunday night prep can be 30 minutes: wash, peel and cut all carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumbers, etc. and store in large ziplock bags for the week for a quick grab-and-pack.
  2. Create your own lunchables. Sliced cheese/ham and crackers in a reusable container, grapes and carrots in another, hummus and pretzels for non-meat eaters, and you’re set! You can use peanut butter (or almond, cashew) for some added protein.
  3. Avoid sweet drinks. My kids would finish a juice pouch and eat nothing else. Keep juice and sweet treats at home as an after-school-treat. They’ll look forward to that! High blood sugar will cause a crash when they had back into class.
  4. Provide ample food storage. Having sandwich and snack size reusable containers on hand makes packing a lunch so much easier for little ones.
  5. Pack a note. Wouldn’t you want a note from Mom/Dad? (I would!) A silly joke or a ‘have a crazy day!’ can help your child (or spouse!) get through the rest of the day.

Enjoy healthy and happy lunching!
~ Angie

If you have more questions about a healthy diet, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]